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Case-lesson «Get caught fish, big ones or small ones»
Case-lesson «Get caught fish, big ones or small ones»

Category: Relax

The level (grade): 7

Subject: Hobby

Objective: To acquaint students with such hobby as fishing to generate interest in the hobby.

What information is waiting for me here?

  • What is fishing?
  • What do you need to know when going fishing? How can you prepare to it?
  • How to fish.
  • What are the gears used by the anglers?
  • What safety rules must be followed during the fishing?
  • How to cook fish soup.
  • What is the structure of the fish?
  • How to communicate in English about fish.
  • What works of literature tell us about fishing?
  • What kind of movies can you watch about fishing?
  • Do I need to protect fishing areas?
10 scans of the subjects, phenomena and practices:

What could be better than to escape from the busy city on the shore of a quiet river and to experience fully all the charm of silence and unity with nature? Being in this place, you can enjoy the birds singing, frogs croaking and listen to the sound of fish splashing.

If you cast a fishing rod and feel how it comes alive under the weight of fish, you can feel unforgettable emotions, experiences and drive.


Fishing is a passion, hobby, relax, tourism and sport. Nowadays fishing is one of the most widespread and popular kinds of active pastime. Many people, who love to go fishing, spend time at the ponds, rivers and lakes.

Fishing allows a person to relax, keep fit and relax body and soul. After all, anglers do not only enjoy the process of fishing, but also spend time in the fresh air, communicate with the fans of this pastime and get positive charge of emotions.

Social studies

Probably you know that fishing means fishing in the ponds.

Moreover, since fishing can be a hobby or pastime, as well as tourism and sports, it can be divided into amateur and sports.

In addition, fishing can be summer and winter, the fishing can be held at the lake, the river, and on the coast. You can go fishing both from the shore and using boat. Nevertheless, for different objects of fishing, the anglers use different gears.

It does not matter where a man goes fishing. Because it is the place, where you can relax, get a bunch of emotions, be alone with nature and clear your head of negative thoughts. In addition, even cold or heat weather, mosquitoes and wild lifestyle will not be able to scare the man if he has ever been fishing.

How to prepare for fishing

Although fishing is gambling and entertaining form of recreation, everyone has to prepare for it. In fact, in order to fishing not only succeeds, but also not disappoints, it is necessary to consider all the details. Any experienced angler will tell you that ninety percent of luck and mood depends on how you prepared. Therefore, it is useful to know some recommendations.

• First, before you go fishing, you need to choose the place of fishing. When arrival at the place, a person engaged in fishing should examine the pond, to be able to swim and control boats.


• Secondly, for successful fishing, an angler should be able to use fishing tackle, to understand it and to choose the right. In addition, any amateur angler must not only find fish, but to be able to distinguish healthy fish from sick fish.


• Third, the clothing of the angler should be relaxed and match the time of year and weather conditions. That is, you need to wear such clothes that do not restrict movement and get wet. It should protect you from wind. For winter fishing, it should be still warm. Camouflage clothing is a good option for such purposes.


• Fourth, going to a new fishing spot, it is advisable to stock up on modern devices such as GPS navigator, sonar, and video camera. With the help of GPS, you will not get lost and quickly get to the rendezvous. In addition, thanks to the sounder, you will learn where exactly you can get fish.


• Fifth, some food, water and first aid kits are required. It is the best for fishing to buy car first aid kit. There is a necessary set of medicines.

Real lover of fishing is experiencing absolute isolation from the pressing affairs. He is not afraid of hot sun, torrential rain, strong wind, but only unity with nature and the excitement from the process of fishing. Many people among anglers go fishing, and release fish into the wild, making only a few pictures and measuring catch.


Have you ever been fishing? Do you know how to fish?



Firstly, an angler needs to choose the right bait gather it for fishing.

Let us try to understand what elements fishing rod consists of. Well, each rod consists of rod, line, sinker, float, hook and reel. These are the most necessary and basic components of any fishing rod.

It is not necessary to buy expensive gear for fishing. You can make fishing rod hand made using scrap materials. You should take maple long stick approximately 4 – 5 meters. The rod can be made of wood, bamboo or carbon, the main thing – It has to be hard.

Let us consider the design of the conventional centrifugal float fishing rod:


It is also important for the angler to decide which fish he wants to catch and what time of the year, as fishing rod for winter fishing is different from summer fishing.

For example, carbon fiber telescopic fishing rod allows you to fish in winter. In addition, you need to pay attention to the size and the quality of coil. Coils without inertia are the most reliable, but aluminum coils are more suitable for spinning.

If you choose the right reel and fishing line, you can get the fish, which exceeds the strength of the fishing line several times.

Now let us look at ways of fastening the hook to the line:


It is not necessary to wait that fish will bite an empty hook. You should use nozzles and bait. In the spring and autumn, it is preferable to use animals nozzle.

Look at the picture below. It illustrates different ways of casting a float rod:



Why do you need to feed up the fish? What can be used for it?




Fishing is a very ancient and popular craft that dates back about 40 000 years ago.

Throughout the history of life on Earth, man has struggled for existence, as production of food was the most important lesson for survival. Primitive people were engaged in hunting, gathering and fishing in search of food. The first human settlements were discovered near the rivers and on the coasts of seas. Therefore, fishing and seafood were one of the main conditions in the struggle for existence. After all, lakes, seas and rivers were filled with abundant stocks of food. There were not only different fishes but also various crustaceans, mollusks and algae.

It is difficult to answer in what way and with what gear fish were caught. However, thanks to the excavations we can say that even during the Neolithic man used such attributes of fishing as spears, tridents, hooks made from stone, bone or thorns from trees.


Over the centuries, the ways of fishing and tools for it have undergone drastic changes, but the principle has remained the same.

Let us take a detailed look at the development of fishing throughout history.

The main stages of fishing development

• Primitive man who had no special adaptations for catching fish, originally used stones, sticks and other heavy objects. First, he stunned the fish, and then took it out of water.

• Then man understood that at the shallow water it is better to catch fish with a stick with sharpened end. Therefore, there was some semblance of a harpoon

• Next, people became more enlightened and realized that the fish easier to catch in shallow ponds. The man was building a dam, which got the fish. Then he blocked exit and drain the water.

• The invention of networking was the next stage in the development of fishing. Before people invented ropes, nets had been woven of thin branches, vines or bamboo shoots.

• Well, later people figured out how to catch fish with a hook. Of course, the first hooks were rather primitive and they were made of bone, stone or wood and attached to a thin stick.




In order that the fishing will bring you only joy and good mood, you need to remember about safety rules. It often happens that in nature you can cut, prick, or have you a headache, so every amateur angler needs to have a first aid kit.

Let us remember a few rules that should be observed by people going on fishing:

1. Inspect the place of fishing.

2. Be careful while moving in the water.

3. Be careful when fitting the bait on the hook.

4. Dress in accordance with weather conditions and time of year.

5. Don't fish on thin ice.

6. Carefully cross the wetland areas, step only on the bumps and rhizomes of shrubs.

7. Be careful when diving, when you free hooked tackle.

Taking care of yourself and your security, you will not only receive huge pleasure, but also save your life.


It is hard to disagree with the anglers, who claim that the fish soup is the main dish on a fishing trip and a great continuation of outdoor recreation, with the company or with the family.

How to cook soup on nature

We need such ingredients to cook fish soup as: fish, onions, potatoes, carrots, parsley, dill, salt, pepper, bay leaf.


First in the pot, we throw some potatoes, carrots, parsley and onion. Vegetables should be cut into pieces to your liking, or smaller or larger. Next, we put the small fish for the first tab, heads with tails and cook it on the fire for 20 minutes – 30. After this time, we carefully take out the fish from preparing soup. In the boiling broth, we add the spices, bay leaf, and pepper and boil another 5 minutes – 10. Then we send big fish in the pot, well washed and cut into pieces. Leave your dish to cook on low heat for another 20 ~ 30 minutes and it is ready. At this time, you can add some greens, dill and parsley.

A simple way of cooking fish on a fire

In addition, there is another very simple, but tasty recipe of cooking fish. To do this, take a medium size fish, clean, remove head and tail. Eviscerated carcass we salt, well rubbed with pepper and vegetable oil. That is all. It remains only to wrap fish in foil for 5 - 7 minutes, put on hot coals, flip and hold for another seven minutes.



Have you eaten real fish soup on nature? What is the difference between ordinary fish soup and fish soup cooked on the nature?


There are fans of fishing among animals, too.




What fauna do you know who are not averse to eat fish?

However, to have an idea about what method to choose for fishing, you need to be knowledgeable about the fish, its structure, useful properties, where it lives, what it eats, etc.

As you already know from the course of Zoology, the structure fish is adapted for living in water. In addition, fish have a streamlined body and breathe through gills. With the help of fins located on the body, fish move in the water easily.

Now let us remember from the course of Zoology about external and internal structure of fish:


There are scales that are imbricate that allows moving flexing the body. By the way, using the scales it is possible to determine the age of the fish:


The internal structure of the fish:




The task. Translate into Russian language all the English words, which are shown in the figure.

There are many representatives of the fish and their names in English with translation and transcription:



Fishing is a source of inspiration for writers, artists, folk art.

Undoubtedly, the tale "Goldfish" is the most famous tale about the angler. Do you remember how the fox was catching fish in the fairy tale "the Fox and the wolf"? Alternatively, do you remember the famous fairy tale "By the magic"?



The novel "the old Man and the sea" written of E. Hemingway is very popular. It has become a modern classic. The author tells us about the plight of the angler Santiago, who conducts the daily struggle for life and tries to live in harmony with the environment. The author received the Nobel Prize in 1954.


What books, devoted to fishing, have you read?




Probably "Peculiarities of national fishing" is the most popular film about fishing:

Do you remember the episode about fishing from "the Diamond hand"?

Nature protection

In addition, the most important. We should remember that we should care about the world around us, protect nature and always take out the trash.



"We're adults and serious people, let's not leave trash. We will come back here!"




Gained skills

• What is the difference between angling and fishing? What types of fishing can you call?

• Is there a difference between winter and summer fishing? What do you think, what is the difference? List all the factors that can affect the biting fish.

• Work with the computer and find information about the development of fishing gear.

• What danger can wait for you during fishing? What medications must you necessarily take going fishing? List them.

• Do you know recipes of fish soups? What else, besides fish soup can be made from fish? Bring the recipes, which are popular at home and share with classmates. Organize a festival of fish cuisine tasting.

• What fins do fish have? Name them and indicate what functions they perform.

• Make sentences using different kinds of fish. Make up a dialogue on the theme "fishing."

• What gods, patrons of the fisheries, do you know. Tell us about one of them. What proverbs and sayings about fishing do you know?

• What movies or cartoons that uses moments of fishing have you watched?

• Find out information about species of fish listed in the Red book. What are the restrictions on fishing?

The End

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